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The associations

About us

The "IHEDN Community" is structured around four areas:

  • Institut des hautes études de défense nationale (IHEDN),
  • the Union of Associations (Union-IHEDN), which brings together 38 national, regional, international and thematic associations,
  • the association of Jeunes-IHEDN,
  • the IHEDN Endowment Fund.


Founded in 1975, the Union of Associations of IHEDN Auditors (UNION-IHEDN) aims to create synergies, strengthen the community of auditors, and initiate, develop and coordinate the activities carried out by the various associations, in order to raise awareness of strategic issues among as many people as possible and thus contribute to the dissemination of the spirit of defence.

Today, the UNION-IHEDN federates 38 associations of IHEDN (Institut des hautes de défense nationale) auditors, in which more than 10,000 decision-makers, senior civil servants, military officers and private sector employees, as well as young professionals, continue the reflection they began during their training at the IHEDN.

They are committed to serving teachers and students in national, higher and agricultural education through the "Trinômes académiques".
They participate in the "Reserves". They act as defence advisers. They raise awareness of defence issues among elected representatives. They contribute their expertise in various fields, including economic intelligence and cyber, and make their skills available to prefects and elected representatives.

The network of associations across the country is an invaluable way of strengthening national cohesion.

1 thematic association


General presentation :

The Association des Auditeurs en Intelligence Economique (AAIE) currently has a membership of more than 100 practitioners from a wide range of business sectors in the private sector, as well as from the various branches of the armed forces...



  • to promote Competitive Intelligence in all our company's business sectors,
  • Disseminate a genuine Business Intelligence culture at national level,
  • provide decision-making tools to government bodies responsible for these issues,
  • be a driving force behind proposals for education, training and the integration of business intelligence into the heart of our companies,
  • contribute to thinking on National Defence and assist the IHEDN in fulfilling its mission.

2 national associations


Created in August 1949, the Association des cadres et auditeurs de l'Institut des hautes études de défense nationale brings together the auditors of the IHEDN national sessions Politique et défense nationale, Enjeux et stratégie maritime, Souveraineté numérique et cybersécurité, as well as the Auditeurs cadres à l'IHEDN. It is based at the Ecole Militaire in Paris.

AA-IHEDN's activities are constantly expanding. They correspond above all to the association's main mission, which makes it a centre for continuing education and a study group on national defence issues. The overall concept of defence combines military defence with a civil and economic dimension, as well as a social and cultural one. They are also intended to maintain the bonds of friendship that have been forged between the Auditors during the session.



L'3AED-IHEDNcreated in 1965, is to unite and promote a community of more than 3,200 high-level experts, auditors and executives from the national "Armament and Defence Economics" sessions of the Institut des hautes études de défense nationale (IHEDN) and the Centre des hautes études de l'armement (CHEAr).
A member of UNION-IHEDN, 3AED-IHEDN is open to young professionals and experts working in defence, the DTIB and sovereignty.

3AED-IHEDN, which is constantly evolving, is a recognised centre of activity and reflection on the following themes:

  • Geostrategy and sovereignty
  • Defence economics
  • Armament, technology and innovation
  • Defence ethics

These activities are at the service of the IHEDN, key players in defence (state, military, industrial, national and regional) and more broadly at the service of the country.

As a partner of La Fabrique Défense, 3AED-IHEDN works in partnership with the Institute and other associations to develop regional, national and European outreach.

The 3AED-IHEDN association attaches particular importance to developing the friendships created during the session and to the cohesion of the community as a whole.

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3 international associations

EUROPE-IHEDN : association of auditors of European sessions

For over twenty years, the IHEDN philosophy has been successfully applied to the European sessions, which bring together high-level civilian and military personalities. It seemed appropriate to extend and strengthen the friendly links and professional skills through the creation of an association of auditors of these sessions, in order to establish a dynamic and friendly network of experts involved in defence issues in Europe.
The Europe-IHEDN Association was set up on the initiative of several auditors of the European sessions, in response to a wish expressed by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defence. It was registered in the Official Journal on 17 April 1999.


  • Establish a dynamic, user-friendly network of experts involved in defence issues in Europe
  • Contributing to the debate on European security and defence
  • To support the Institute and Union-IHEDN in the fulfilment of their respective missions

The association organises a major colloquium each year, traditionally on the day of its general meeting, and publishes a newsletter, Vision de la défense européenne / Europeandefence vision. Auditors can join the association free of charge and receive information about the association and the European Security and Defence Policy.

Key figures
The IHEDN, with a budget from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has already organised ten European sessions in Paris, each lasting around ten days.
To date, 469 people have attended these sessions, over 300 of whom are active members.
These auditors come from 36 European countries: Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Macedonia, Malta, Serbia, Slovakia, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom.

EUROMED-IHEDN: Euro-Mediterranean sessions auditors' association

The association was created in 2004.

The Euromed-IHEDN association brings together the auditors and training managers of the IHEDN's international Euro-Mediterranean sessions, as well as any person who has subscribed to its articles of association and is interested in pursuing the association's objectives, which are to

  • Promoting a better understanding of the Euro-Mediterranean region
  • Strengthening international relations and the spirit of partnership in the region, particularly on defence and security issues
  • Strengthening links between members
  • To support the work of the IHEDN in its areas of competence.

The purpose of the International Association of IHEDN World Auditors is to help promote dialogue between France and the countries of Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean through the links maintained and developed with auditors who have attended an international session of the IHEDN.

Geographical area :

All the countries of the international sessions (Africa, Asia, Middle East, Latin America - Caribbean)

Chairwoman's name :

Catherine Bouchet-Orphelin

E-mail from the Chairman :

Postal address: 


Military school

1 place Joffre,

75700 Paris SP 07


32 regional associations

1AQUITAINE (Bordeaux)17PAYS DE LA LOIRE (Nantes)
2AUVERGNE (Clermont-Ferrand)18POITOU-CHARENTES (Poitiers)
4BOURGOGNE (Dijon)20VAR-CORSE (Toulon)
6HAUTE-BRETAGNE (Rennes)22ALSACE (Strasbourg)
7CENTRE VAL DE LOIRE (Orléans)23CHAMPAGNE-ARDENNE (Châlons-en-Champagne)
9PROVENCE (Marseille)25LIMOUSIN (Limoges)
10FRANCHE-COMTE (Besançon)26MARTINIQUE (Fort-de-France)
11NORMANDY (Rouen)27INDIAN OCEAN (Saint-Denis de La Réunion)
13LORRAINE (Metz, Nancy)29NICE COTE D'AZUR (Nice)
14LYON REGION (Lyon)30GUYANA (Cayenne)
15NORTH (Lille)31GUADELOUPE (Pointe-à-Pitre)

1. AQUITAINE (Bordeaux)

2. AUVERGNE (Clermont-Ferrand)

3. NORMANDY (Caen)

4. BOURGOGNE (Dijon)





9. PROVENCE (Marseille)

10. FRANCHE-COMTÉ (Besançon)

11. NORMANDY (Rouen)


13. LORRAINE (Metz, Nancy)

14. LYON REGION (Lyon)

15. NORTH (Lille)


17. PAYS DE LA LOIRE (Nantes)



20. VAR-CORSE (Toulon)


22. ALSACE (Strasbourg)

23. CHAMPAGNE-ARDENNE (Châlons-en-Champagne)

24. PICARDY (Amiens)

25. LIMOUSIN (Limoges)

26. MARTINIQUE (Fort-de-France)

27. INDIAN OCEAN (Saint-Denis de La Réunion)



30. GUYANA (Cayenne)

31. GUADELOUPE (Pointe-à-Pitre)

32. NEW CALEDONIA (Noumea)


The Young IHEDN is the first European association and generational dialogue on issues of engagement, defence and security. It is placed under the patronage of the Minister for the Armed Forces and the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces.

The association brings together young listeners trained by theInstitut des hautes études de défense nationale and is open to all young people.

Platform forcommitment and think tankIn France and abroad, the association offers a range of ways to get involved in the major issues facing our country in the future.

Citizenship, defence, national security, sovereignty or even international relations are just some of the issues on which young people can develop practical, sustainable solutions. This means raising awareness among as many people as possible, and that's where our mission lies: commitment.