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IHEDN Forum on the African continent (FICA)

Created in 2000, the IHEDN Forum on the African Continent (FICA) is the successor to the International Session Africa-Madagascar (SIAM) created in 1980. It brings together some sixty high-level auditors from African countries and regional and sub-regional organisations. Each invited country is represented by an auditor from the armed or security forces, or an auditor from civil society.

This forum helps to maintain links with French-, English- and Portuguese-speaking African countries, to raise awareness of French policy towards this continent and to encourage listeners to reflect on the data to be taken into account when drawing up a collective security policy. FICA is held annually.


  • Discover France's approach to defence, security and international relations on the continent
  • Discuss future prospects in relation to the year's issues
  • To share French operational know-how with a view to developing future defence and security cooperation agreements.
  • Promoting the emergence and consolidation of a privileged cooperation network as part of active diplomacy on the continent

Target audience

Senior civil and military officials, representatives of civil society and local organisations: politicians, diplomats, military personnel, entrepreneurs, directors of research institutes, etc.


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Prerequisites :

  • Level of responsibility
  • Professional experience relevant to the issues addressed

Main themes

  • Security for sustainable development in Africa: issues and challenges
  • The fight against terrorism in Africa: what can be done about the causes and effects?
  • Towards better management of border areas for the benefit of security and development
  • New conflicts, new partnerships

Educational triptych

  • Conferences and debates, round tables
  • Visits to military or civil-military sites (civil security, etc.)
  • Committee work: The aim is to produce a simplified written report which is presented orally by the participants at the end of the session.

The next session

  • 08 to 12 April 2024