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Heading for the land of the rising sun for the maritime issues and strategies major in the 2e IHEDN national session

À bord de l’USS Blue Ridge

At the helm of the 'Maritime Issues and Strategies' major, Prefect Denis Conus, Deputy Director of the IHEDN, has set course for the Land of the Rising Sun. This country was obviously not chosen at random for the 'world' mission of the major, as it occupies a strategic position within the Indo-Pacific zone, is closely linked to France by a strategic partnership of the utmost importance and its maritime character is perfectly in line with the interests of the auditors.

Defence and Industry

The new issue of Revue Défense & Industrie, which is freely available online, covers a wide range of subjects relating to defence and security policies. Among other things, the issue offers detailed analysis of the dynamics of defence spending in Europe (article by Julien Malizard, Deputy [...]).

From sky to space. New operational challenges at very high altitude

This opus brings together the proceedings of the symposium organised by CESA in January 2023 on the current and future challenges of upper airspace. Three themes are addressed: the relationship between traditional airspace and airspace, the French approach to the regulation of upper airspace, and finally the avenues for reflection on the [...].

Geopolitical perspectives on the Indo-Pacific

This issue of Hérodote, the French geopolitical journal, presents the concept of the Indo-Pacific through contributions from a dozen French and international specialists. It does so by combining a wide range of analyses, some of which approach the Indo-Pacific from the point of view of its most critical areas (maritime façades, shipping lanes, islands), while others focus more on the players (major powers, [...]

"The issues at stake at the forthcoming NATO summit

Geopolitics, 25 June 2023, with Jean - Pierre MAULNY (IRIS), Jean - Paul PALOMEROS (former Chief of Staff of the French Air Force and NATO Allied Commander Transformation), Pierre HAROCHE (Queen Mary University). Listen to

"Evaluating NATO enlargement since the end of the Cold War".

Brookings, 15 June 2023, with James GOLDGELER (Brookings Institution), Jim TOWNSEND (Center for a New American Security), Joshua R. ITZKOWITZ SHIFRINSON (University of Maryland), Susan COLBOURN (Duke University).