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Extraterritoriality of the law: when lawfare serves economic warfare

Extraterritorialité du droit : quand le « lawfare » sert la guerre économique

In July, in the face of the scandal, an American economist gave up her bid to join a key post in the European Commission's Competition Directorate. But in this area, it is also the global application of US law that is causing concern among businesses, specialists and legislators.

Paris, a nest of spies for centuries

Paris, nid d’espions depuis des siècles

The French capital has always been a prime location for intelligence services. Here we take a look back at some of the most emblematic actions carried out by French and foreign spies along the banks of the Seine.

Three possible scenarios for a Ukrainian counter-offensive

Trois scénarii possibles pour une contre-offensive ukrainienne

Interview with researchers Philippe Gros and Vincent Tourret, authors of a paper for the Fondation pour la recherche stratégique (French Foundation for Strategic Research) which takes stock of the conflict and outlines some prospects.

The new face of war

LUNDIS de l'IHEDN - Décryptage-Le nouveau visage de la guerre

Holy war, cold war, total war, hybrid war, high-intensity war... War takes such changing forms that Clausewitz likened it to a chameleon, changing its appearance according to the environment around it. But doesn't war remain timeless in its aims, motivations and principles?

Economic defence: a new approach to dealing with new threats

LUNDIS IHEDN - Défense économique

A sector that is highly connected to the rest of the world, fragmented into numerous players and likely to have an impact on the entire population, a country's economy is both a target and a weapon of strategic confrontation. Focus on France's defence and security doctrine for this "sinews of war".

Very high altitude, an area of innovation awaiting regulation

(Re)discovered by the general public since the neutralisation of the "Chinese balloons", this zone between air and space opens up immense prospects and raises many questions, which the French Air Force and Space Agency addressed at a symposium packed with information.