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Siamlat - AED

To discover and discuss the French approach to a given issue of defence, security and international relations in Latin America, and to encourage exchanges between high-level officials from countries and local organisations on issues of common interest.

5 days



  • Discover France's approach to defence, security and international relations in the region
  • To enable discussions on future prospects linked to the year's issues
  • Sharing French operational know-how with a view to developing future defence and security cooperation agreements
  • Encouraging the emergence and consolidation of a privileged cooperation network as part of active diplomacy in the region

Target groups

Senior civilian and military officials, representatives of civil society and local organisations: politicians, military personnel, weapons engineers, entrepreneurs, directors of research institutes, etc.

Main themes

  • The context of forces equipment
  • Equipping the forces from the specification of the need to the drafting of the solution
  • Managing armaments programmes
  • Equipment delivery: from use to entry into service
  • Support from France: from the definition of a solution to its use and withdrawal


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Contacts – 01 44 42 41 57
  • Conferences and round tables
  • Visits to industrial and military sites