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The high-level strategic course
(EU defence policy)

Inaugurated in 2020, it will enable the IHEDN, in partnership with the Baks (DE) and the EGMONT Institute (BE), to contribute to the emergence of a European strategic culture, necessary for the construction of a common defence. This innovative course is aimed at very high-level decision-makers from all the EU Member States, from the civilian and military civil services and the economic, strategic and academic (industry, research) sectors. It includes a series of three 3-day seminars in three European capitals: Brussels, Berlin and Paris. By inviting committed players to share their experiences and understanding of the future of European defence and security in a restricted circle (in accordance with Chatham House rules), this strategic course provides fertile ground for discussion at European level.

Its purpose is to make an essential contribution to a shared reflection on European defence, its challenges and its development, in the service of a common strategic culture, capable of developing European strategic autonomy in the long term.