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To strengthen links between European, State and industrial executives in the armaments community, with a view to exchanges and/or prospects for European cooperation.


- to strengthen links between European managers, both institutional and industrial, within the armaments community, with a view to reinforcing cooperation on a European scale;

- provide auditors with a better understanding of current European defence issues, particularly from the point of view of the "armaments" and "defence economy" components;

- to promote a common European approach based on the sharing of experience between auditors;

- to promote dialogue and debate, within the framework of committee sessions, on the strategic vision at national level, within each European country, concerning cooperation in the field of armaments.

Target groups

- high-level civilian and military officials working in national defence procurement departments or in administrations involved in armaments issues, particularly from a European perspective;

- senior officers in the armed forces, in operational functions or functions related to the definition of military requirements and planning ;

- senior managers of companies directly involved in the supply of defence equipment or in the development and research of security and defence-related technologies.

Main theme

"European strategic autonomy vs. "Nation first

How to proceed in favour of European defence industry?


from 14 to 18 March 2022, in France
from 25 to 29 April 2022, in Germany
from 16 to 20 May 2022, in Finland
from 20 to 24 June 2022, in France


  • conferences and debates; visits to industrial and military sites in France and in the European host countries (in this case, for 2022, Germany and Finland);
  • study visits to European countries;
  • committee work (drafting of a final committee report).

by invitation (submission of a candidate file)

Fluency in English

  • The committee's work should lead to the drafting of a committee report and a position paper intended for high-level European institutional decision-makers (national armaments directorates; European Defence Agency, etc.);
  • At the end of the session, auditors are invited to join the SERA Auditors' Association.
  • delivery of a certificate
  • SERA auditor title