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Created in 2003, the International Euro-Mediterranean Session (SIEM) brings together some thirty high-level auditors from around the Mediterranean and representatives of the relevant regional organisations each year. The aim of this forum is to help maintain links with the countries of the Euro-Mediterranean zone, to publicise French policy towards this zone and to encourage the auditors to reflect on the data to be taken into account when drawing up a collective security policy.


  • Discover France's approach to defence, security and international relations on the continent
  • To enable discussions on future prospects linked to the year's issues
  • Sharing French operational know-how with a view to developing future defence and security cooperation agreements
  • Promoting the emergence and consolidation of a privileged cooperation network as part of active diplomacy on the continent

Target groups

Senior civil and military officials, representatives of civil society and local organisations: politicians, diplomats, military personnel, entrepreneurs, directors of research institutes, etc.

Main themes

  • SIEM 12 - 2018 - The Mediterranean of tomorrow: conditions for a new balance
  • SIEM 11 - 2017 - Power issues in the Mediterranean and regional stability
  • SIEM 10 - 2016 - How can we reinvigorate the Euro-Mediterranean partnership in the face of security and migration challenges?