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Livre "Chine/Etats-Unis, le capitalisme contre la mondialisation"

China/United States, capitalism versus globalisation

L’auteur de cet ouvrage cherche à élucider les ressorts et les enjeux de la compétition entre la Chine et les Etats-Unis. Il soutient l’idée selon laquelle c’est le capitalisme lui-même qui mine la mondialisation et entraîne la fragmentation actuelle. Benjamin BURBAUMER,

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Livre "Démocratie(s) et dissuasion"

Democracy and deterrence

Cet ouvrage collectif examine les problèmes que pose la dissuasion nucléaire sous l’angle de l’éthique, de la rationalité et de la légitimité, et analyse son utilité et son efficacité en tant que défense ultime des démocraties. Sous la direction de l’ancienne

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livre "Comment s’élabore une politique mondiale : dans les coulisses de l’ONU"

How global policy is made: behind the scenes at the UN

Souvent incomprise, la prise de décision au sein de l’ONU est ici montrée dans sa complexité. S’opposent des intérêts, des visions du monde voire des idéologies politiques.  Le terme de « mosaïque » est utilisé pour décrire cette laborieuse conception. Par trois exemples,

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livre " Indopacifique, région stratégique"

Indopacific, a strategic region

The Indo-Pacific covers half the globe, is home to half the world's population, possesses a large proportion of the world's critical resources and is home to several major areas of tension, three of which are nuclear-armed. This book brings together leading experts to explain

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Livre "Les mondes du renseignement"

The worlds of intelligence

If intelligence has never been so open to the outside world, yet still seems so unintelligible and uncertain, it is because the world is more complex, because there are more issues at stake and more threats, and because

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Couverture du livre "Soldat de la cyberguerre"

Soldier of the cyberwar

The first ComCyber, it tells the story of the beginnings of French cyber defence and how it was rapidly built up to deal with unprecedented attacks, with many illustrations of cyber attacks in support, particularly to counter Daech. The book tells the story of a

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Couverture du livre "Ces guerres qui nous attendent 2030-2060"

The wars that await us 2030-2060

In this third volume, the Red Team, a collective of science fiction authors, cartoonists and scriptwriters working under the guidance of the Defence Innovation Agency, presents two new anticipation scenarios. Their aim is to imagine the threats that could directly

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Couverture du livre "Technopolitique"


A researcher at the École des hautes études en sciences sociales, the author defends the idea that hypervelocity technologies, both civilian and military, are turning each and every one of us into soldiers. In her view, our brains have become the ultimate battlefield.

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Couverture de livre "Frères d'armes"

Brothers in arms

The author of this book was a military doctor for some thirty years, and took part in the French army's main overseas operations: Afghanistan, Mali, the Central African Republic and the former Yugoslavia. His account is a testament to the role of the doctor charged with intervening in wartime,

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Livre Géopolitique de l’environnement

Geopolitics of the environment

Our entry into the Anthropocene - this new geological era characterised by the unprecedented influence of human societies on the planet's natural cycles - is having profound repercussions on international relations. Climate change, loss of biodiversity: the effects of

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Livre Économie de la guerre

Economics of war

Is it economically rational for political entities to choose the path of destructive conflict rather than that of mutually beneficial exchange and cooperation? Defence economics was created to answer this fundamental question,

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Livre La cohabitation des religions - pourquoi est-elle si difficile ?

Religious coexistence - why is it so difficult?

You can kill in the name of God! We have recently rediscovered this through acts of terrorism and new wars of religion, in France and elsewhere. In the Western world today, many people think that believers should renounce their claim to the name of God.

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Live Napoléon - Mémoires

NAPOLEON - Memoirs

The third and final volume of Napoleon's Memoirs opens with the Emperor's abdication, forced to leave Fontainebleau for the island of Elba. This forced exile did nothing to dampen Napoleon's spirit of conquest, and all he could think about was returning to Paris. After

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Livre Pax atomica ?

Pax atomica?

Is deterrence a moderating factor in international relations? What role exactly does the atomic weapon play in a landscape where the forms of warfare have diversified? These questions are crucial today in the face of Russia's threats and at a time when

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Livre Grands diplomates

Great diplomats

This book has been written by ambassadors, historians and journalists. The aim is to provide an overview of the history of international relations, from the supremacy of the Europeans (17th-20th centuries) to the multilateralism of today, through the two world wars, the Second World War and the Second World War.

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Livre Ressources naturelles et mondialisation : le pétrole et le Venezuela

Natural resources and globalisation: oil and Venezuela

This book analyses the process of globalisation of capitalism in its historical relationship with natural resources. Today, international capital is imposing itself on national sovereign rights through a structure of international arbitration. The author takes the example of oil, taking into account

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Livre Les talibans face à l’opium

The Taliban and opium

In 1996, the Taliban came up against a contradiction between religious and economic reasons, driven by drug trafficking. However, the need for funding generated by the war of insurrection and the support of the peasant masses led to the adoption of a pragmatic approach.

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Livre Le Sahel, épicentre géopolitique

The Sahel, geopolitical epicentre

Through a perceptive analysis of the sociogenesis of extremism and crime in the Sahel and of paradigm shifts, the author unpacks the historical, political and cultural dynamics that have shaped the Sahel into a geopolitical epicentre. This book takes a look at

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Le Sud contre l’Occident ?

The South versus the West?

The year 2023 saw an increase in diplomatic exchanges within a "global south". These forums (BRICS+, SCO, G20, Group of 77, New Silk Roads Summit, etc.) reflect new balances of power and, above all, new forms of diplomacy that refuse to be aligned.

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Livre La guerre russe ou le prix de l'Empire

The Russian war or the price of Empire

In the West, Russia is associated with extreme forms of struggle, whether offensive or defensive. It was through war that the Russia of the Tsars entered the concert of European nations. The USSR set itself up as a champion of peace and security.

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Livre La guerre allemande

The German war

The question of the German people's responsibility for the events of the Second World War is a complex historical one. Although the Germans did not want a new war in 1939, the tenacity of the German soldiers kept the fighting going.

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Livre L'épopée du Normandie-Niemen

The Normandie-Niemen epic

Normandie-Niemen is a French fighter regiment that was sent to fight in the skies over the Eastern Front. The only Allied armed force to fight alongside the Red Army, it earned a reputation that was justified by its participation in 869 battles.

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