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"Athena at the beach": the IHEDN holiday notebook

The goddess of military strategy, war and wisdom in Greek mythology, Athena is also... the mascot of the IHEDN. Until the end of August, she will be taking us on an exploration of defence culture through a range of scholarly and entertaining content.

Bénédicte Chéron: "The July 14th parade is a reflection of the political concerns of the moment".

Bénédicte Chéron is a historian and lecturer at the Institut Catholique de Paris (ICP), and a member of the Scientific Council of the IHEDN. A specialist in the relationship between the armed forces and society and how the military is portrayed, she looks at the impact of the 14 July parade, the "moral forces" and the image of the armed forces in today's society, particularly among young people.

Hypervelocity: once a pioneer, France is back in the race

On 26 June, France carried out the first test of its V-MaX hypersonic glider. It has thus officially joined a race with other permanent members of the UN Security Council to develop weapons that will make anti-missile defences obsolete.

Russia's presence in Africa: a two-pronged strategy

On the occasion of the 23rd IHEDN Forum on the African continent, researchers and specialists decipher the Russian influence strategy on the continent: a well-coordinated waltz between government players and private entities such as Wagner.

235e session in Corsica

From 6 to 23 June, for the first time in its history, Corsica is hosting a fully-fledged regional session of the IHEDN.