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National defence

National defence In addition to military defence, we also take into account anything that undermines our sovereignty, interests and freedom without the use of armed force. Falling under hostile and politically motivated intentions of the players involved, its scope depends on the evolution of threats within the international system, themselves conditioned by the evolution of international interactions. For example, the economic globalisation that followed the end of the Cold War has created asymmetries between states that can be 'weaponised' in a context of political rivalry. This circle therefore encompasses a wide variety of means of action, such as economic coercion, disinformation, the use of force, the use of force, the use of force, and so on. lawfare or cyber attacks. It includes respect for alliances, international treaties and agreements, and common European policies.

Paris, nid d’espions depuis des siècles

Paris, a nest of spies for centuries

The French capital has always been a prime location for intelligence services. Here we take a look back at some of the most emblematic actions carried out by French and foreign spies along the banks of the Seine.

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LUNDIS de l'IHEDN - Décryptage-Le nouveau visage de la guerre

The new face of war

Holy war, cold war, total war, hybrid war, high-intensity war... War takes such changing forms that Clausewitz likened it to a chameleon, changing its appearance according to the environment around it. But doesn't war remain timeless in its aims, motivations and principles?

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LUNDIS IHEDN - Défense économique

Economic defence: a new approach to dealing with new threats

A sector that is highly connected to the rest of the world, fragmented into numerous players and likely to have an impact on the entire population, a country's economy is both a target and a weapon of strategic confrontation. Focus on France's defence and security doctrine for this "sinews of war".

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Cybersecurity: the threat level remains high

Despite the start of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, there were no major changes in the IT threat landscape last year, notes the French national agency for information systems security (ANSSI) in its Panorama of the cyber threat 2022: the major trends observed in 2021 have been confirmed, and vigilance is still required.

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War in Ukraine: a year of strategic lessons

A number of specialists gave an initial assessment of the conflict at a conference at the École Militaire. Strategy, land, cyber, space, NATO... a selection of their analyses of the return of high-intensity warfare to Europe.

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IHEDN-Guerre en Ukraine - la réponse européenne

War in Ukraine: Europe's response

24 February 2022, Russia invades Ukraine. The world awoke to images of bombed cities. According to the European Union, the red lines have been crossed. The Russian offensive is one of the most serious violations of international law in decades. How have the 27 member states organised their response to an event that has already shaken the world order?

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"Women must be more involved in spreading the spirit of defence".

Sophie de Ravinel is a listener at 2e national session 2022-2023, defence policy major. The current strategic context was the trigger for her application. The political journalist from Le Figaro wanted to improve her knowledge of defence and national security issues. A few days after registration opened for the 2023-2024 national session, she explains why women should apply.

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France and the countries on Europe's eastern flank: what defence relations?

Against the backdrop of the threat to European security posed by Russia's war of aggression in Ukraine, France is reaffirming its commitment to its allies on Europe's eastern flank. With a military presence in the region, it is helping to strengthen their deterrence and defence posture. This note places this support within the more general framework of defence relations between France and the States on Europe's eastern flank. It shows that, despite historically divergent strategic priorities, closer defence ties between these countries are both possible and desirable.

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"Maritime issues directly affect our populations".

Vice-admiral (2s) Gérard Valin is head of the "Maritime Issues and Strategies" major at the Institut des hautes études de défense nationale (IHEDN). A former admiral commanding the Indian Ocean maritime zone, he deciphers current developments in the maritime domain, which has become an area of confrontation.

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