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Military defence

La défense militaire relève de l’emploi de la force armée. Il renvoie aux deux figures symboliques identifiées par Raymond Aron[1] comme constitutives des relations internationales, le diplomate et le soldat : “La conduite du diplomate-stratège [...] a pour sens spécifique d’être dominée par le risque de guerre, d’affronter des adversaires en une rivalité incessante dans laquelle chacun se réserve le droit de recourir à l’ultime raison, c’est-à-dire à la violence.”

Military defence involves the use of armed force. It refers to the two symbolic figures identified by Raymond Aron[1] as constitutive of international relations, the diplomat and the soldier: "The conduct of the diplomat-strategist [...] has the specific meaning of being dominated by the risk of war, of confronting adversaries in an incessant rivalry in which each reserves the right to resort to the ultimate reason, i.e. violence".

[1] In Peace and War between NationsParis, Calmann-Lévy, 1962, p. 28.

LUNDIS de l'IHEDN - Décryptage-Le nouveau visage de la guerre

The new face of war

Holy war, cold war, total war, hybrid war, high-intensity war... War takes such changing forms that Clausewitz likened it to a chameleon, changing its appearance according to the environment around it. But doesn't war remain timeless in its aims, motivations and principles?

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"Women must be more involved in spreading the spirit of defence".

Sophie de Ravinel is a listener at 2e national session 2022-2023, defence policy major. The current strategic context was the trigger for her application. The political journalist from Le Figaro wanted to improve her knowledge of defence and national security issues. A few days after registration opened for the 2023-2024 national session, she explains why women should apply.

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E. Chiva: "The Directorate General for Armaments must shed light on the future".

Emmanuel Chiva, appointed Delegate General for Armaments this summer, gave his views on the major issues facing the sector in the current context at the IHEDN on 13 October. Recalling the origins and missions of the French Defence Procurement Agency (DGA), Emmanuel Chiva details the threats and challenges ahead. "We have to invest in multiple fields", he explains, citing the technological breakthroughs that are set to become geostrategic breakthroughs.

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What is a just war?

On Friday 11 November, Lt-Gen Benoît Durieux, Director of the IHEDN, and Mgr de Romanet, Bishop of the French Armed Forces, discussed a concept that is still relevant today, formalised as far back as Antiquity and brought to light once again by the tragedy of the war in Ukraine. Beyond what religions preach, and which states should put into practice, is there a way to avoid resorting to this form of exacerbated violence? In an age of new forms of conflict, from information warfare to cyber and hybrid warfare, what can be said about the relevance of this concept?

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