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France's "still special" position in NATO

Isabelle Corbier, President of the Studies & Perspectives Committee of the Association des cadres et auditeurs de l'Institut des hautes études de défense nationale (AA-IHEDN), followed the strategic debate on 10 June 2024 on "France and NATO since 1989".

Opening of 144e IHEDN-Youth cycle in Troyes

Ouverture du 144e cycle IHEDN-Jeunes à Troyes

For the 144th IHEDN-Jeunes cycle in Troyes, 73 students and young professionals gathered for 1 week to learn about the major issues in national defence and international security.

IHEDN welcomes the 84e cycle in Economic and Strategic Intelligence

Les auditeurs du 84e cycle en intelligence économique et stratégique de l'IHEDN

From 28 May to 5 June 2024, the Institut des Hautes Études de Défense Nationale (IHEDN) is hosting the 84th Economic and Strategic Intelligence (IES) certification course. This intensive 49-hour course is organised in close collaboration with government departments involved in economic security issues.

Resistance: the army of shadows catches the light

visuel de "Résistance : l'armée des ombres prend la lumière"

The first episode of our "Esprit 44" series in partnership with the Charles-de-Gaulle Foundation. Let's explore the Resistance, through two little-known figures, Jacques Bingen and Élisabeth de Miribel, as well as an epic and tragic episode: the Vercors maquis.

Mission to Estonia and Finland for the Digital Sovereignty and Cybersecurity major

Les auditeurs de la majeure SNC de la session nationale de l'IHEDN devant le Parlement estonien

From 12 to 19 May, students in the Digital Sovereignty and Cybersecurity (SNC) major at the IHEDN national session visited Estonia and Finland. This mission enabled the auditors to become more aware of cyber and digital issues and to gain a better understanding of the new geopolitical configuration of the two countries, imposed by Russia's aggression against Ukraine.