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Russian "operative art" unveiled

Lundis de l’IHEDN : « L’art opératif » russe dévoilé

Benoist Bihan and Jean Lopez presented their book "Conduire la guerre: entretiens sur l'art opératif" at the IHEDN strategic debates. They shed light on the origins of the art of warfare, its applications in historical conflicts and its relevance today, with the return of high-intensity warfare.

Economic defence: a new approach to dealing with new threats

LUNDIS IHEDN - Défense économique

A sector that is highly connected to the rest of the world, fragmented into numerous players and likely to have an impact on the entire population, a country's economy is both a target and a weapon of strategic confrontation. Focus on France's defence and security doctrine for this "sinews of war".

Strategic stocks: mobilise or immobilise?

The war in Ukraine has accelerated the debate on Europe's dependence on resources - particularly energy - and raw materials. Russian gas, Chinese batteries, Taiwanese semi-conductors... How can we guarantee the security of our supply chains in the event of a crisis? One of the solutions that has come back into fashion concerns strategic stocks, i.e. the organisation, management and replenishment of certain resources deemed essential either for the population or for industries. This note puts the issue of stockpiling into perspective, highlights the relevance of certain models, and raises the question of the resilience of our countries and of France.

Ludovic Schultz: "The agreement reached at the United Nations on 4 March is doubly historic.

After 15 years of discussions and negotiations, the Member States of the United Nations have agreed on an International Treaty for the Protection of the High Seas. Ludovic Schultz, an auditor at the IHEDN and recently appointed Director of the Écrins National Park, was involved in drafting the treaty for many years, first as deputy director at the Ministry for Ecological Transition and then as adviser to the Secretary General for the Sea. He sheds some light on this historic agreement.

GBR Ortemann: "I never wanted to be dictated to.

Men are no more predisposed than women to take an interest in defence and national security issues. To mark International Women's Day on 8 March, Brigadier General Anne-Cécile Ortemann answered our questions.

Climate change: how the armed forces are adapting

IHEDN - Changement climatique - comment les armées s’adaptent

Natural disasters and the depletion of resources not only have an ecological impact: they also increase the threat to global security, prompting the defence sector to undergo a lasting structural transformation.